physics of elementary particles
and atomic nuclei
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Prizes for the best publications
in the journals "Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei" (PEPAN) and "Physics of Elementary Particles and Atomic Nuclei, Letter" (PEPAN, Letters)

The Prizes are established by the JINR Directorate and Journals' Editorial Boards for the best publications to stimulate interest of scientists in contributing to the Journals and to enhance their prestige.

The prizes are awarded to

Three Prizes are awarded: The First prize amounting to 40,000 rubles, the Second prize amounting to 30,000 rubles, and the Third prize amounting to 20,000 rubles.

Members of the Editorial Board have a priority in nomination of their works for the Prize.

Deadline for nomination: March 01of the current year. Order of nomination. The authors should present: written recommendation containing the title of the paper (or list of titles if they present a series of works), list of authors, expert comment(s); the recommendation should be signed by an expert who supports the work for the Prize; printed paper(s) (1 copy).

The number of authors of the nominated work (a series works) should not be more than 7 (10), respectively.

Decision to award the Prizes is taken by the Journals' Editorial Boards by March 15. The winner is entitled to be nominated in the competition held by IAPC “Nauka/ Interperiodica”.

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